Theories on Universe Music, Nuclear Waste, And Giants

Theory On The Structure of The Universe

Could universal “MUSIC” be holding the universe together and creating its shape as well as expansion and changes in direction?

If so, this may destroy the idea that there ever was a big bang, and may force us to face another theory entirely – that of eternity, a possible lack of ending or beginning of the universe that we can currently comprehend.

If such sound (energy waves) are prevalent in the universe, (which they should be as they are emitting off of space objects constantly) they would be unseen, however, sound waves can cause and create cohesive patterns, shapes, and movement in physical structures such as sand. Each piece of sand can be equated to a star. Sand which would appear as if it should bounce off of a platform is held in place by the sound waves, which would explain why we see the universe as some how “sticking together” in a shape, with not enough visible mass or structure to keep it fully stuck together, and resisting other forces which might otherwise be pulling it apart.
Dark Mass or invisible matter has been proposed as a theoretical reason in which the universe sticks together, using its gravity as a theory. This strikes me as wrong as a skeptic would not believe in invisible matter on earth, so why believe in it in space? Now, if sound waves are creating this cohesion, we can drop the “need” for invisible or dark matter.

There are many wavelengths bouncing around in the universe which would be “invisible” to us, such as sound, and light waves. The giant amount of photons and other energy waves the universe stars and other objects have been emitting is enormous, and where would it go other than bouncing around in our universe ? (Of course some of it may be getting emitted AND sucked in and somehow destroyed by black holes). Notwithstanding, there would still be a very large amount of these waves in the universe, and if the waves are on the frequency of sound waves, we would actually be able to hear it, thus I am calling it the Universe’s Music.

*note- the idea of ‘hearing’ universe music may come in the form of another sensation to us, such as feeling a solid object or seeing something, as these waves are experienced by us in different manners.

If it is Music (even the non audible waves) which is holding the universe together in a symphony, expanding and contracting it and changing its shape, this would not only eliminate the “need” for so much invisible matter to be present in order for the universe to be sticking together, it might also account for the strange actions of objects which seem to be getting affected by gravity or some kind of pull but wherein no such mass which could do this, can be seen. It could be random sound waves or other waves coming off of nearby objects that would account for these strange seeming unexplained movements. This would be because the sound waves are affecting the movement and cohesion of matter, not just gravity. Sound waves can actually “KEEP” sand particles (which we are using to demonstrate stars and planets in this theory) in a cohesive stuck together shape that can not only expand and contract, but which can stay in a stuck together format without flying apart, with gravity in these situations not changing at all!

Here is an video example of that:

In fact the Universe’s MUSIC, could explain the seeming expansion of the universe as we do not know if 1) the tones or sound waves of the universe are shifting 2) if the universe has settled into its first tonal shape yet or not.

NOTE: When sand is first affected by sound waves (music) the sand not only expands into its shape, it is HELD there by the tone.

The shape of our universe could be in a giant flux as the main tone of the universe slowly changes, or the tone might be fairly stable. If our universe is humming at a certain tone it could stick together the stars in the certain types of clumps or clusters of stars that we see in the bubble like shapes of the gigantic overall universal pattern. The entirety of the universe, if standing back from it, would possibly have a singular ‘tone’ creating this overall shape of what now looks to us much like bubbles. But large events and explosions and such in the universe might be able to slightly shift this tone, therefore changing the shape of the universe a little (possible to also investigate this on a micro scale not just a macro scale, seeing as our atoms are much like star systems and universes).

So, could tones be used for changing our body shapes, destroying tumors, or more? Could music be the future of plastic surgery? Will tones and wave frequencies rearrange our atoms into different shapes and be our future nose jobs or other plastic surgery? Could wave frequencies allow us to walk through walls and do teleportation as we learn how to arrange and rearrange atoms stars and universes?

I was speaking to my brilliant inventor friend Mark Tanner, and he told me about two particles which, once joined then separated, will always react instantly to the other one, and turn when the other does, for instance, no matter how far apart they are, which allowed for the below theories to spring to mind. I researched and these particles are called “entangled” particles.

According to Bells Theorem which Einstein called ‘spooky’ (READ SOURCE) Two particles which interact or which are the same particle or photon can be split. These two particles are now called “entangled” because they are two parts of the same whole. These entangled particles will react to each other instantly no matter how far away they are from each other. In other words if we take one of the entangled particles and place it on mars, and keep the other on earth, and rotate the one on earth, the particle on Mars will also rotate in the same fashion, instantaneously regardless of distance.

This may have bothered Einstein and others, however to this author it seems non-perturbing. Something with no mass could easily be the thing we are seeking to answer the puzzle of why a photon or electron can communicate instantly across any stretch of distance. (Of course most scientists and skeptics don’t believe in anything which is non physical such as ghostly, or a soul, but this is in direct contradiction to our own experience, which is that consciousness – which has no discernible mass or very little mass) but does exist. Something such as consciousness with no mass could break the speed of light since it is only mass which would expand into infinity at the speed of light. It could be Consciousness itself which is to blame for the entangled particles instant communications, as consciousness is an unexplained phenomenon that doesn’t obey physics and appears to have no substance, no mass, yet it exists. Or could it be something just akin to consciousness which is turning the entangled electrons or photons instantaneously, perhaps a rudimentary form of consciousness we have not discovered yet? Perhaps once paired, electrons rudimentary consciousness can ‘think’ to each other forever after that until destroyed? This is not so far fetched to imagine other levels of consciousness could exist since we already know one level of consciousness exists – our own.

So are entangled particles connected in such a fashion? Since consciousness exists at all, it is possible. This might be the solution for the EPR PARADOX, (unknown). But if this is the answer, it may be possible to ‘teach’ entangled particles to act in certain ways, which would enlarge the possibilities of tech coming from entangled particles greatly.

The possibilities of combining the theory of entangled particles with wave technology is staggering. Each on its own or together has applications such as:

1) Instantaneous high speed internet across the entire universe.
If we entangle two particles and send one to mars, all that needs to happen is we rotate the particle on mars in a binary code fashion. This will instantly flip and rotate the photon or electron on earth and now we have a system to instantly send binary code from mars to earth (or from anywhere else in the universe) VOILA! Instant internet transmissions, packets of code from anywhere all at high instant speeds.

2) Instantaneous internet connection with the future or past: If we shoot one particle out into space at the speed of light, the people on the ship with the particle would have instant internet communication with the future of the planet they left from. If one entangled particle was shot off the earth in a spaceship and returned to the planet near the speed of light, it would land in our future. If this entangled particle was now rotated, would it also rotate the entangled particle left on earth in its past, as well as the one in it’s future present time, or would only the entangled particle in its current time zone rotate? If they rotate through time, as well as space, then we could shoot someone off the planet with an entangled particle to easily set up internet communications with the future.

As for getting an Internet connection  into the past, perhaps we can send a “packet” of several entangled particles into the past together using already known particle techniques. If we can then rotate and manipulate these particles together (it is unknown by me if such particles can also be moved together spatially) across time, then perhaps we could create a nano machine in the past with several entangled particles. We use those particles which we have formed into a nano-machine, to manipulate atoms and matter, attracting them together, to create a little bit bigger of a nano machine which function is to create other atomic arrangements and thus build a wavelength transmission device. This is how we could possibly get a wavelength transmission device (wave frequency atom arrangement blaster) into the past and slowly use nano atom machines to build up a teleportation device and copy/clone one of us or other items into the past. However, if we copy a human who is here into the past by having a wavelength machine code atoms into that particular arrangement, the cloned person may have no knowledge and may function like a baby unless the channels in the brain which electricity flows down are also exactly duplicated. If duplicated channels and brains function the same, persons a persons knowledge can be preserved if their brains are exactly replicated with a wave machine.

This also gets to the question: would two replicated people act like entangled particles or split their experiences, or be like twins here on earth who feel they are somewhat connected?

It is unknown by the author, if we shoot particles into the past, where the earth would be and where the particles would land as the earth is constantly moving so we would need math equations to tell us where we feel the particle will land, unless it defies physics and lands in the same place on earth in the past regardless of earth’s orbit, or some other odd phenomenon we do not know of yet.

If we use lasers to spin the particle at the speed of light and send it to the future or past, we could have possible internet connection with the future or past. It’s already been proven subatomic particles can be sent into the future if hurtled at high enough speeds. Does this mean that there are people on our planet who already have internet connections with people in the future or past and aren’t telling the rest of us?

*note on time travel:remember if we go back and change the past we may end up in a worse misery and besides, as a church I believe that our pains also help us so greatly. Who is to say which experience is better when all experiences contain the yin yang of pros and cons? Not that I always enjoy the pain but upon overcoming it is the magic where something great is born.

3) Floating through solid walls- Matter creation and deconstruction: Many people report aliens abducting them by entering a locked room or floating them out of the ceiling. Could these aliens (or humans on our planet with tech they are not sharing, or future highly advanced humans) already have figured out how to send a sound wave (or other frequency wave) in such a pulse as to change the shape of the atoms – just as described above with the stars or sand changing shape) in order to open a hole in a solid object, then reverse the exact same frequency or tune to another frequency which would exactly replicate the original structural arrangement? This would explain physical beings being able to walk in through solid objects.

IN order to learn the frequency “code” of a wave arrangement of atoms, I believe hackers and super coders can help us in this endeavor 🙂 ❤ Perhaps we just need to record the tonal wavelength a certain structural arrangement is emitting, then use the opposite of that tone, or that same tone, and experiment with what tones will create such shapes in atoms and stars. When we know a simple singular tone for even one atom particle structure, we can then perhaps construct a model of a symphony of these tones being blasted out into the atoms in such an arrangement as to create the full structure we want. The wave code could be a complex set of a series of wave code blasts done in time, or synchronized all at once, perhaps the nozzle of a wave blasting machine must also move so that certain waves do not affect previously arranged atoms. And then the question is, once formed, will the atoms retain their structure or would they need continual tones to keep their shape and structure?

I believe we can learn the music (wavelength) patterns of certain structures and create codes for our waveform matter manipulation machines and create intricate concerts of music-like waves which will literally be able to create any matter we want, in the future.

4) Instant Teleportation to Anywhere in The Universe:
Combining an entangled proton transmission of data with wave frequency technology, it would be possible to teleport. IF one entangled particle can transmit the wave frequency pattern code of an object or human body to the other entangled particle, and a wave frequency device which has been coded to exactly transmit the proper wavelengths to disassemble a person, then the wave machine over at the destination uses wavelengths to reassemble them from matter there, utilizing the information incoming from the entangled proton. We could thus have teleportation, as well as possibly creation of any matter we wish for (once we discover the wavelengths for the formation of all structures present in the object and how to transmit them in perfect precision.) However, would one be the same person once reassembled? This is unlikely but possible. Would the consciousness follow to the reassembled body?  Would the brain feel as if it was the same person if it was exactly duplicated? This is totally unknown, and the first body being disassembled would “die” for all intents and purposes. As well, using such technology, one could assume there could be a scan made of a human or or other object and an exact replica be made of them while NOT disassembling the original (if such a scan can be performed without disassemble). This could result in a clone or exact duplicate of a human being.

Medical  Applications for this could be to dissolve someone’s heart in their body and then re-arrange it to be a healthy heart using wavelength technology.  I believe somebody just said the words Star Trek medical device ? Lol.

How could a body be scanned for its exact structures so that this data can be coded and sent off to an entangled particle? this is unknown to the author at the time, however one suggestion is the possibility of using an imaging machine of some sort which can record or ‘hear’ a structure’s wavelengths at the nano or atom level. We would then input this information into a computer. The wavelength could then be recreated by wave frequency tech blasting out those tones once that tech is at a precision quality enough to be tuned to exact frequencies to create the shapes and structure of atoms in the ways we desire at the microcosm level.

As suggested by Aaron R LaBow currently (as of the writing of this paper) in Gouverneur, New York, the machine must record numerous wavelengths of each structure and keep them in backup record in order to check the wavelengths being blasted out for error and to take over in case of wavelength blasting defaults.

A wavelength machine might operate more easily if we use it on lumps of elements found in the periodic table of elements, that way the machine doesn’t have to create elements out of atoms first, the process could go much faster, unless of course its a nano-machine sent back in time or something and must operate on the nano scale (as it is currently unknown to the author if we can send back items which are larger than a particle). Warning: if we send back a nano particle machine in time, what will it be destroying to create what we want? It might land in a person! We should be careful to calculate to attempt to send it back into a mountain or something so that we do no harm to others in the past (including other species.)

Another question is, if two entangled particles can simultaneously react to each other, can this happen with two people? If a soul exists can it be entangled with another soul, and cause instant reactions in the other? Perhaps this is a scientific explanation of twins who report having the same thoughts or experiences no matter how far apart they are from each other. A morning and evening star scenario?

Back to the macro structure of the Universe and away from the microcosm:

Planets and solar systems (like atoms) or other objects nearer to other very loud tonal objects could have their motions and structures be affected by those nearby object’s “NOISE” or other wavelengths as well as being affected by the overall resounding ‘chorus’ or background ‘tone’ of the universe.

But where would the sound waves (or other waves) emanate from? As previously mentioned, the sound waves could be the sound of our entire universe – all its planets and stars moving, crashing, dying, breaking, throbbing, burning, all emanating waves of energy from this which would result in some kind of wavelength either sound waves or akin to sound waves (possibly not in our hearing ranges). OR, it is also possible this could be combined with, or solely, that there is a singularity in the middle of our universe which could be powerfully emitting such sound waves and if so, would the tone that it is emitting be indicative of our universe’s stability or non-stability? This might be something we would want to keep aware of and investigate!

We could also backtrack, and study the shape of the universe and changes in shape to attempt to know what is happening to the singularity if this is what appears to be emitting the tone. So if the universe star groups and clumps is ever seen to change shape, this might be evidence either of whatever would be emitting the sound waves is changing,
Although perhaps the waves which are right now bouncing around in the universe are slowly changing themselves as they bounce off of things and through photons and other things.

It is still a possibility though that we could maybe backtrack to the singularity in order to get a possible warning of any imminent universe collapse, or other .

Now, Could WE also change the shape of certain areas of
the universe by sending powerful sound waves to clumps of stars, and if so, what would be the impact of that? Could this (using sound) be a way to counteract any reversal of the big bang if it still exists in this scenario, and save our future universe, planets, and selves from being at the whim of the universal sound waves or possible singularity?
Could we slow the expansion of the universe or its retraction using a tone (Universe Music)? Could sound waves
or other waves be what we could use to defend the earth against asteroids or other objects coming too close to us?

Perhaps a large musical or wave frequency tonal barrier could be constructed around the earth as a shield which would destroy any incoming asteroids by wave frequency atom rearrangement?

Could the expansion of the universe actually be an effect of the wavelengths changing, or, possibly just starting up? If the universe is young,and the distances great, could the sound-waves be just finally condensing the universe into its first , and maybe final shape? If so, does this mean that the universe will be able to stop expanding at some point and then hold its final shape for as long as the universe’s tone/wavelength continues to be emitted? If this is the case, then we see that there COULD BE A BEGINNING TO THE UNIVERSE BUT NO ENDING, especially if we learn how to support that tonal frequency!  in other words, now that it has been created, It MIGHT CONTINUE ON ETERNALLY, AND NOT DIE!

The Universe appears to be created mostly of what could be called MUSIC (waves). It has been suggested this is not the only structure in the universe, but as far as we are aware of now, this is the vast majority of it. How wonderful an idea that we could be composed in a possibly eternal symphony! Let the music begin!

I hope you enjoyed ❤


If certain planets such as Mars have a solid cooled core, and the core needs to be hot to spin and create magnetic fields for terraforming and protection of life, such as protection from solar radiation as well as creating seasons and ocean  movement, could we drill a hole into the center of such dead planets and send our nuclear waste into the middle of the
core to heat it up again? Would the molten core then be the fastest way to terraform a dead planet? This might be a way we could use up our nuclear waste, if we store it in space and wait for a time in which we wish to use it on a dead planet’s core. If the waste itself is not enough, perhaps it can be utilized to create a very small nuclear explosion in the core. Once we understand wavelength machines fully we could then direct wave patterns or magnetic fields at the core that would start it spinning and thus create a magnetic field around the planet, making it alive again, able to withstand solar rays and have life.

There are very large structures all over the earth which have stumped people as to how they were made and by whom. There are accounts in ancient texts all over the world that giants once existed on Earth.Museums all over the world educate us that plants and animals were once giant sized, and Ferns once grew as large and tall as a human does now. Possibly, even dinosaurs would be small today, as everything else has shrunk in size, and in fact all surviving dinosaur ancestors ARE small in size! But what could have created these giants and the subsequent smaller sizes of beings (even plants) and building structures that we have on earth today?

Is it possible that these giant people did exist and that we are slowly shrinking over time due to changes in the Earth’s Spin?
It is possible that the Earth was spinning at a more rapid rate in its youth, and that its spin is slowing down or has slowed down in its old age? If the spin has not stabilized, and is slowing down even more, we could be headed toward an even smaller and smaller future.
If the Earth in it’s youth was spinning at a more rapid rate, before slowing down, it is possible that the centrifugal force this would create could counteract the earth’s gravity pull and make objects on Earth seem “lighter.” This would allow, like a smaller planet would allow, for larger, taller beings to grow, as denser gravity would likely create more squat solid beings which could withstand the heavy gravity, and lighter gravity would allow taller more spindly creatures to easily grow. If the earth is slowing in its spin, does this mean that humans will continue to shrink and become shorter and smaller as centrifugal force from lesser spin lessens and gravity appears to become heavier? If so, perhaps there is a way to counteract this and speed up our planets spin again using the aforementioned sound waves or other energy waves. This might also be a way in which we could terraform larger, slower spinning planets with gravity so heavy we could not currently survive on it. We could just speed up the spin, or slow down spin on planets or asteroids spinning too fast or slow for us to survive on.

Could we also shrink ourselves in a few generations by slowing the Earth’s spin so that we have more land mass per person to support overpopulation if necessary in the future?

lol I think we will not need that as there are other solutions for overpopulation that I can suggest but it is an idea 🙂

The Earth’s spin speed may be the explanation for ancient giants on our planet, assuming that the Earth has not changed size (if so, this could be an additional reason, or not the only reason for such giants).

Thank you for listening to my theories ❤ 🙂


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TVs That Turn On And Off Part 2


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Digitally Archived Copy of La X…Press Column “About the Paranormal” by Sydney Silver


This is the last possibly paranormal experience I recall having. If I remember other events, which I forgot to write about, I will write about them at that time. This does happen, either because I forgot the event until someone mentions something that triggers the memory for me, or because the memory is buried in a fog which my brain does not want to remember. After this article, I will be discussing other’s experiences and researching some of the things I have been through to see if others experienced it. And of course, don’t forget to write me and tell me if you have been through such experiences yourself!

This is the simple story of a TV which enjoyed toying with me back when I was cleaning houses with my mother. I was 16 at the time, and as you might recall, I would clean houses in a retirement village with my mother. Yes, many people had died in those homes, and my mother was not startled by any strange events – she took it all in stride. I however was much more shocked and amazed by strange things happening in these homes.

I was cleaning one house which was nicely occupied, my mother was in the basement dusting. The residents of the home were in the kitchen eating, and I was in their bedroom working. I completed dusting the entire room, noticed a few nice windows; no one outside. My mother had taught me to start in one corner near the door, and work my way around the entire room in a steady circle so I cleaned all parts. I had cleaned the TV almost immediately; now I was headed on my way out.

Satisfied, I stepped out of the room. As soon as I crossed over the threshold, the TV blared on behind me. Startled, I jumped a little, turned, and looked at it, my mouth open. I stood there a few seconds looking at it, the walls, and myself. Then, even though I was rather frightened, I decided I’d better go turn it off. I fearfully stepped into the room again; and the TV turned off. Again, I stood there silently for several seconds.

I approached the TV slowly and cautiously, unsure if this was a paranormal experience, or a short circuit in the wiring. I puzzled over if the electric lines could somehow be planted right under the doorway, and my walking had somehow triggered an on/off flow; but this didn’t really seem possible. I looked around the room, and out the window, and saw no one. I hadn’t really expected anyone in the room as I’d just been in it, but my mind told me maybe someone was hiding somewhere? No, the place was empty.

I turned, feeling the dread TV behind me like an icy fear, and exited the room. Again, the TV turned on. Now, I stopped in my tracks in total fear, as this was highly unusual. A short curcuit wouldn’t know when I was stepping over a threshold. I stepped back in the room; it stayed on. I switched it off and ran out of the room in panic; I did not hear it turn on again.

I ignored the tenants, raced down into the basement where my mom was, and again stopped in dread. I felt as if an ominous presence was down there in that well lit, clean white basement, all around me. But perhaps it was just because I was frightened. I walked fearfully and gingerly and found my mother. “Mom,” I said slowly, “I feel like something is down here. It’s frightening me.”

“Do you?” she asked me with a smile. “That’s weird, I always thought that too. I feel it too honey. I just ignore it so I can clean.”

I told her about the TV turning on and off.

“Oh, it does that to me too,” she laughed. “I always just thought someone was standing outside, like across the street or something, using a remote.”

I was surprised that my mom would think something like that, as it seemed silly to me. Firstly, I had seen no one outside; secondly, how odd for someone to hide that long in the woods with binoculars just to tease her, and what timing they would have had to have had, as the door threshold was not in view of the window, being hidden behind a short hall area.

My mother told me to ignore it, and I asked her if I could leave the basement. It felt so creepy down there, even though it was carpeted and clean. She agreed, and I exited hastily. I decided that my mother probably needed such explanations in order to continue working in such creepy houses; because I honestly never wanted to return to that place.

Sydney Silver is a co-hostess on WildManBillShow on radio on 89.7FM

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Missing Time

Archived Copy of Sydney Silver’s La Xpress Newspaper Column “About the Paranormal” 9/5/13

Missing Time

I forgot to tell you about one experience which I could potentially place into the UFO category, so I am going to do so now.  Furthermore, there is only one other paranormal experience I can recall from my own life which I can share with you, after this one. So soon I will start discussing other’s paranormal experiences.

This is back when I was in high school, and I was about 16. It was evening, and I had homework to do.  I walked past my step-sister, who was studying at a desk in the living room, and went into my bedroom. I put my calculus book on the floor, opened it, and then my notepad. I looked at a half-finished equation there, and worked on it a bit. I was laying on my left side with my head propped up in my left hand, elbow flat on the floor. I glanced up at the clock. I do not remember the exact time, but it was something like 7:35.

Comfortable, I looked down again, wrote a few things on the equation, and noticed an error. So I flipped my pencil over, erased the ending of the equation, and carefully brushed the eraser crumbs off my paper. I finished off the equation and looked up; 8:45pm.

Stunned, I stared at the clock, sure I had made a mistake. My eyes blurred as I looked at the clock in disbelief. Instantly, the idea of missing time came to my mind, but this was just too unbelievable. Instead, I kept thinking I must have made a mistake. How could an hour have simply vanished, and I didn’t know it? For a millisecond, I worried about my brain; but then I was so terrified by the thought that my brain was bad and had blacked out or I had sat there like a zombie with pencil poised for an hour, that I quickly brushed past this idea, not wanting to face it.

I got up and went outside my room. My sister still sat there studying, so for an instant I had a moment of slight relief; that I had simply been in error in reading the clock the first time. I definitely didn’t want to think it was my brain.

“Julie!” I said. “Do you remember when I went into the room? How long have I been in there? It’s been like five minutes, right?”

“No,” she said as if I was being absurd. “You’ve been in there like an hour.”

“No,” I insisted. “It could have only been five minutes. Maybe ten max. I just went in there, and did an equation, and erased it, then came out.”

She refused, and said I had been in there an hour, and I must have had a “Brain fart”. Slowly I went back into the room to think about it and retrace all of my steps. Firstly, I thought, if that was a brain black out, how very terrifying and odd, as I hadn’t experienced even one blip in my consciousness or actions. I wouldn’t even be able to tell you at what point I might have laid there like an unseeing, unaware blacked out zombie with my eyes open and my pencil poised on the equation, because the events were seamless.  Secondly, I thought, the idea of missing time from a UFO was equally absurd. Firstly, everyone in the house was awake, and my sister had experienced the full hour without hearing one weird sound, seeing any lights, or getting any taps on the shoulder from aliens or maybe human experimenters! Furthermore, what kept getting me feeling crazy about it was that if it were a UFO type experience, and lets just say for the argument that I was abducted in those moments, I would have had to be replaced in literally THE EXACT SAME position, mindset, and THOUGHT as the moment when I was taken.

This just seemed utterly impossible to me. To this day, this is the only missing time I have ever experienced, and I still do not know what happened in that lost hour while I was laying on the floor doing calculus in my bedroom.

Sydney Silver is a radio show hostess! Her photos are done by Will Thompson

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Mind Powers 2


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This is the second strange event I went through that felt like something I can only describe as mind powers.

It was early morning and I was sleeping. As I slept, I could feel juices swirling around in my brain. It was disconcerting and uncomfortable, but not painful at all. The juices were moving in circles swirling around, meeting, joining and overlapping in certain areas. Mind you, I had been interested in circles before. I was interested in the idea that a circle represented a group, such as a group of people who believe in something. I would think about the edges of these circles, and where they overlapped into other belief systems.

So here in my sleep, I was suddenly FEELING this concept as a physical sensation. I could also SEE the circles with my eyes, and feel them swirling around like liquids in my head. It was a bit unsettling and I was uneasy. I was halfway awake by now, floating between the consciousness of seeing my room in the early morning light, and laying there looking at all the circles of humanity and many other things, watching and feeling them swirl around. The circles looked like those screen saver bubbles on Microsoft windows; they were transparent in the middle but had edges of differing colors. (This incident took place before that screen-saver was invented, however).

I became aware that my brain was trying to tell and show me something! Yes, it was as if my brain were separate from me, and it was showing me something very important. I don’t recall exactly what my brain was trying to tell me, but it was something about how the groups and circles of people could be arranged, rearranged, moved, and were fluid and influence-able. In fact, it was as if my brain were trying to tell me I was in control of it all, and how did I want to arrange it? I started struggling against this vision, not enjoying this experience. Then, my mind got even more bold, and the brain started talking to me in a voice!

The voice was deep and masculine, not my own. It said “you can do more than you think. You can do more with your brain than you realize. Your brain is more powerful than you realize. You know more than you think you do. Watch!”

I still didn’t like this idea. I didn’t want to think that my brain had powers like this, over all the groups of humanity and more, and that I could use it to make things happen or not happen. I did not want to be in control; it was way too much responsibility and terrified and horrified me. Who wants to be the one to blame for everything the way it is? I certainly didn’t; at that moment I was scared.

Then, as I struggled some more, my brain/the voice told me: “Watch! I will PROVE IT!  Your phone is about to ring. It will ring as soon as you wake up. WAKE UP NOW!”

It spoke the last words in such a commanding, LOUD tone of voice, that the voice woke me up like a slap! I popped out of the vision sleep instantly, fully awake. My cell phone lay next to my head. I turned my head towards it and stared at it. Tick – Tock – Tick – Tock…. Less than five seconds later, the phone rang. I was so startled when it rang that I snatched it up and stared at the screen; unidentified caller. My hands were shaking as I answered this call; I expected it to be something important. It was not.

The call was an unsolicited sales call from an insurance company I had never heard from before, a wrong number. Stunned and weirded out, I got rid of the marketer then hung up. I thought about it. Do cell phones give off some kind of electromagnetic frequency or create a sound that we can’t hear at normal pitches, right before they ring? Had the phone tipped me off and therefore entered my vision dream? Or, did I somehow psychically know the phone would ring? Was this my own mind creating the call? Or was the voice not “me” – was it something talking to me that knew about the call or created the call? I have no way of knowing. But what I feel the voice told me, was that it was my brain that knew the call was coming. And then it came.

To this day, I do not know why I had that vision dream, nor how I knew that the phone would ring right before it did. The voice that spoke to me did not seem like my own and was insisting on telling me things I did not want to think about.

Sydney Silver is a radio show co-hostess on WildmanBillShow. Her photo in the paper is done by Will Thompson -please call him for a photo shoot at: (714) 351-7637. Photo below done by Wilki Photojournalist!

Sydney Silver

Ghosts on the Roof


ghosts on the roofSydney Silver

Archived copy of LA Xpress Newspaper Column About the Paranormal by Sydney Silver

Ghosts on the Roof?

So when I moved into my new place, (yes! this story is happening RIGHT NOW! AS WE SPEAK!) I kept hearing weird cracking noises in my room that sometimes sounded like they were in the air, not the walls, and I became very, very afraid. I was so frightened in my new room I couldn’t sleep, and would stare around me with wide eyes. But eventually I shook it off.

Then one night, I heard an odd sound I’d heard only once before, when I lived on La Prada in Highland Park. On La Prada, I would hear the sound of a rock rolling quickly across the roof. It was one of the oddest sounds I’d ever heard, because it seemed to go “UP” rather than “downhill.” It would cross the roof very quickly and I heard it during storms and calm. I ended up thinking that it must be a rat on the roof or in the roof, with a rock tied to its tail, even though it still made me pause and puzzle because it certainly sounded like a ROLLING rock, not a rock being dragged, and it went SO FAST. And – what kind of rat tied a rock to its tail, anyway?

So here I am living in a totally different part of town and I hear the dang rock again. I freaked out a bit, but I had heard it before so I shoved it out of my mind.

Then one fine morning, I think I hear a man with very softly padded shoes walking steadily across the roof. I freak out, thinking thoughts of aliens treading on the roof. But the steps faded out over the living room area, and I haven’t heard them again. Then one fine evening, I hear someone hammering on the roof. The hammering is so loud and clear, that I simply can’t make myself believe it’s a woodpecker. Do woodpeckers even live in Los Angeles, and do they peck for worms on tar paper covered roofs at night?

So I figured someone was up there working, or perhaps I was hearing an echo of someone from downstairs and it was just SOUNDING like it was from the roof.

So I shook it off.

Then, one dandy early morning, I SENSE a vast powerful energy coming at me from behind. I thought it was my friend Katalin showing up. I expected to hear her footsteps on the porch outside at any moment. Instead, the energy (which felt to me like a “KNOWING” that something was coming) passed through me laying on my bed “WHOOSH” and POPPED open my bedroom door! Terrified, I stared at the door. Katalin did visit about half an hour later.

It was later that day, Katalin said suddenly “HEY! Someone is on the roof! I hear a man up there, what are they doing up there?” I hadn’t heard it, but I ran in to tell her what had been happening to me.

“Do you think its a ghost?” she asked me.

“Maybe,” I replied, and I told her we should keep an ear on it and see if it came back.

Now, a month later, I’m in bed, early morning, sleeping. Suddenly my eyes FLY open as I awaken instantly to the very odd sound of a woman in chunky heels, with trousers clearly and loudly swishing with each step – WALKING RIGHT OVER MY HEAD, ON THE ROOF! CLICK – THUD, CLICK THUD, SWISH SWISH. The steps again faded out in the living room area.  My friend Marley came over and I told her. That same day, I was busy in the bathroom and she came running in, popped open the door, and yelled “What are you doing in here?”

“Nothing!” I exclaimed. “There’s someone making noise and hammering!” she said. I pointed up, to where I’d heard the last of it happening as well; and I said “THAT’S THE NOISE!”

Ok. So now even Marley has heard the noises. Later, I told my friend Victoria about it. She chimed right in, saying, oh yes! I’ve heard it as well! I hear a child playing and running on the roof. I thought it was ghosts or something.”

I was stunned when she said that. Now, here were three witnesses to the noises, and all of them thought it extremely odd! Victoria and I ran outside to investigate the area, because I said “What if homeless people are living up there? I thought it might be ghosts too – but what if it’s real people?”

But – no. We found no way up to the roof, and from all stairs and areas we climbed up to, could see nothing up there, no tents.

As always happens when I go through a possibly paranormal experience, I start wondering if I am crazy or imagined it. So I start saying things like “maybe it’s an animal! BIG RATS.”

“A rat with high heels on?” Victoria asked me scathingly. Marley agreed – not rats. Rats don’t hammer or tread in human steps. Marley insisted it was so loud she “thought it was a construction crew up there.”

That very day, I heard the child Victoria hears, run across the roof! Katalin also heard it with me. The child ran (bouncing a ball quickly) across the roof so fast it almost wasn’t possible. Then it started again in almost the same spot (also impossible, to suddenly and silently re-appear in the start position just after finishing a run across the roof) and did it again a few feet to the left of its original path.

By this time, all of us witnesses are basically sure something very odd is going on. It sounds like a ghost family living on my roof. We tried to theorize why ghosts would live on a roof, not inside a house, and we had no answers. I asked the girls if maybe sounds were echoing from somewhere else, making us think it was from the roof, and every single one of them thought about it, then slowly shook their heads “NO.”

Why is it harder for me to believe? It’s the skeptic in me, that wants to finally have real, solid proof of these ghosts and not just hokey superstitions that cause people to do odd and potentially harmful things.

A few days ago, the janitor came by to fix my shower. I nonchalantly asked him “Hey, how do I get on the roof? I want to do some sun-tanning up there and I hear people up there all the time, so I know there’s a stair somewhere right?”

He looked at me as if I was crazy.

“No, there’s no way up there,” he said. And he insisted on that no matter how I persisted. I guess if you want to get on my roof, you need a two story ladder or cherry picker. Huh.

So. Ghosts on the Roof?

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 Ghosts on the roof

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Psychic Dreams


Sydney Silver 3

Archived Copy of LA Xpress NewsPaper Column “about the paranormal” by Sydney Silver

Psychic Dreams

I have had two psychic dreams, and possibly others that I can not verify yet. I will describe the first one I know for sure was psychic in this column.

When I was in highschool, I decided to put myself through gifted testing and take a class at night school so I could have an extra period in regular school. I wanted to take a special “gifted” course because there was a boy in that class I had a crush on, so I burdened myself with all kinds of extra work. I know, stupid, right? Lol. Well, it worked out in my favor, since I found out the other guy I had a crush on, (just the hottest guy in school!) was in my night school! Ok, so my work really paid off 🙂 Well, all that awesomeness aside, I had met two girls that I would meet after all my regular day classes were over. They would meet me by the cafeteria and let me hitch a free ride with them to the night school, which was located across town at another high school called Highland. Every day it was the same; meet the girls by the cafeteria right after classes, ride with them to night school, enter the night school through the front drive. No problem.

One night, I was asleep at home and I had a dream. I dreamed that it was the next day, and I was at day school. Something  delayed me, and I was desperate to meet the girls at the cafeteria, afraid they would leave me there and not take me to night school. I tried as hard as I could, but I simply couldn’t get to the cafeteria in time. Everything stopped me, even my sludgy legs which just wouldn’t run. I turned corners, couldn’t find the cafeteria, and then by the time I found it, the girls weren’t there! I was rather in shock, and hurt. I couldn’t believe they had left me for being just a few minutes late! So I looked for them for a while, then went into the cafeteria to call my step-mom. She came to pick me up.

My step mom was slightly upset having to drive me. She took me through the back of the school, rather than the front as the girls always did. It was a much longer road I had never been down before, that I could recall. And as we passed through sports fields, I saw two high school teams playing soccer. One team was dressed in green, the other in purple. I kept staring at the field, confused. I was trying to figure out the colors, and it stood out to me because they were all wrong. The Del Norte team was playing in green, and the Albuquerque High team was playing in purple. Very confused, I tried to figure out why this was so, as the teams were in colors they shouldn’t be in. Then, foggily, my dream faded out.

I forgot about this dream until the next day. Right after school let out, I was delayed, but only slightly; maybe five minutes with a teacher. I ran to the cafeteria, on time, I felt, only to discover the two girls who took me to night school were nowhere to be seen. I remembered my dream and felt weird, but I brushed it off. I was shocked and hurt, because I was only a few minutes late! I couldn’t believe they had actually left me behind, and I was angry. I went inside the cafeteria, called my step mom, and she came to take me to night school. She drove me and we entered Highland – the BACK WAY. A way I had never been before – but which I recognized from my dream. And it looked exactly as I recalled. How could I have known what that road would look like? How could I have known she would take me through the back of the school, the long way, instead of the front?

It was at this point, I was so surprised that I told my mom “Mom! Why did you take me the back way? The girls always take me through the front.” She didn’t understand why I sounded so panicked, as it wasn’t a weird event to her. She drove farther, and to my shock, I saw two teams playing in soccer in the fields – one in purple, the other in green. But this time, with the correct colors matching the correct high school.

“Mom!” I said, hushed, in shock, staring at the fields. “I had a dream last night, and this is it! Everything in it has come true! Except in my dream, the colors on the teams were reversed.”

I didn’t know if she really believed me or not, and if she did, she didn’t seem too surprised. We continued on to night school, she dropped me off, and it was an uneventful night at school.

Perhaps my step-mother forgot the incident. But it was such a shocking event in my life to have a dream which exactly matched the out of the norm events of the next day, that I have never forgotten it.

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Ghost cats


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LA Xpress Newspaper Column

Archived copy of LA X…Press Newspaper Column “About the Paranormal” by Sydney Silver, 8/2/13

LA Xpress Newspaper Column

I’ve noticed there are very few people anymore who don’t have at least one paranormal story. Here is the story of Michael Markauskas, whom I interviewed about his deceased aunt and what I am calling a “ghost kitty”.

Michael told me that while living in Vermont, he felt as if he had a “ghost cat.” Perhaps the little ghost critter would entwine around his legs as he walked, then jump on the bed with him; because he would be on his bed and he would feel something get on it with him. The bed would subtly move and he sensed a presense, but nothing was there. This happened so often that he joked to me about missing his “ghost” kitty. When he felt the bed move, it did not feel like a large thing, it felt small, so he never connected it with his dead Aunt, he figured it was a kitten. However, this does not mean it was small. A ghostly movement may be small regardless of the size of the ghost. As well, if a ghost has no (or very little) physical substance, whatever got on the bed might have had to be very large indeed to create a physical sensation, or very powerful.

Recently, Michael, who now lives in Massachusetts, said that he signed up for a big race that he is a bit nervous about. He had the thought to find something that his deceased Aunt had owned, to help encourage him through the race. It was at that moment, as he held her item, that he suddenly wondered if the anonymous “ghost kitty” had actually been his Aunt.

He says that his Aunt passed away in 2006.  He told me that his Aunt’s sister mentions that she feels visited often. She “senses” her deceased sister’s presence around. 

The very next day, after finding something of his Aunt’s, Michael was sitting on his bed watching TV.  The very same thing happened that would occur in Vermont! He felt the bed move slightly and someone or something got on the bed with him, in that same subtle movement as if whatever it was, wasn’t very large. He was startled, turned around, and nothing was there.

It’s very odd that this happened to him again, in a different state, and a different house, right after he was thinking about his Aunt, wondering if it was her, and had found something of hers to help him through the race. Michael stated he was not scared when this event occurred; he said that it just seemed much more possible now, that it was his Aunt that was visiting him, just like his Aunt’s sister claims.

Both of the houses where Michael received this bed visitor/ghost kitty were old houses; however, because of the similarity of the experiences, I feel that whatever is sitting on the bed with him, or jumping on the bed with him, is connected to Michael, not the location. It’s followed him from one state to an entirely different state and house. I asked him if he had ever felt this before his Aunt died, and he says he does not recall this event ever occurring while she was alive.

I asked how many times she had visited him, and he said that looking back, it could have been numerous times. He wasn’t sure, but it could have been a lot more than he had realized, due to the fact that he had never connected this odd occurrence with her before. However, now that this has happened again in this way, he has opened up his mind to the possibility that it could indeed be his Aunt visiting him.

So, what or who is visiting Michael?

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Sydney Silver 3

Weird Deja Vus Part 2


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archived copy of LA X…Press Newspaper Column “About the Paranomal” by Sydney Silver, 7-26-13

ImageI was talking about my Déjà vu article in last week’s paper with my friend Katalin, and she told me about three strange Déjà vu experiences she had. I include them here because they are also abnormal Déjà vu experiences. What I call the normal experience, is when one has the distinct feeling they have been in that time and moment before, doing and saying those exact things; but they have never occurred before that we know of.

Katalin first described a very abnormal déjà vu to me. In this experience, she was at a bar and a woman dumped wine on her shirt. She tried to clean up the wine, washed her shirt, and walked out of the bar to find a ride home. She met a couple who took her home, the woman was from New York and was just visiting. Normal, right? No.

A few weeks later, Katalin was at the same bar. She walked out of the bar to find a ride home, and met the same couple. They took her home, and everything they said and did was the exact same as the first time (much like seeing the black cat in the matrix). Katalin said she became aware on the ride home, that everyone was doing and saying the same things as before. She thought “this guy is still annoying me and the girl was super nice and quiet.” I asked her: so in this second experience, did you get the wine dumped on your shirt? She thought for a minute, then said “No, I think this is what made the second experience a little bit different. In the second experience, I did not have wine dumped on my shirt.”

This stumped me. Had she actually experienced the same exact event in her life, creating that deja vu sense? Could some déjà vu’s be because we actually do experience the same exact event, but no one remembers that they said the things they said? Do people have memory blackouts and not recall that they did and said the same things before? And if so, what does that say about humanity? Are we like computer programs or robots, just doomed to repeat the same actions and words over and over again like broken records? The other possibility that occurred to me, is that Katalin’s memory of her first experience, came from a previous life she had as herself, in which certain things were slightly different, much like I experienced in my Déjà vu where I thought I could almost remember and feel five lives as myself with slightly different choices in all of them except for that powerful moment I was having the déjà vu. However, she insists that this really happened in her life in the exact same way: TWICE.

Next, Katalin proceeded to tell me about a text she got from a boy. She swears that he texted her that exact same text before, but she can’t quite remember when he did it. So, we wondered: did he send her that same text, just as the couple had also, in real life, given her a ride home twice? Or was this a “normal” déjà vu in which she felt she could remember going through that event before, but it hadn’t happened in this life before?

The third Déjà vu she told me about, was a “normal” déjà vu. She was talking to a guy outside of a club, and she had the experience of having gone through it before, wearing the same exact outfit, saying the exact same things, yet, she was aware of the fact that this couldn’t have really happened in her life before.

Katalin’s experiences went in chronological order. Her first experience, she remembers actually happening in real life, before. The second one, she thinks it did, but isn’t sure. The third one, she is sure didn’t happen in real life before, but she was experiencing déjà vu anyway.

This is a very weird and interesting case of déjà vu! If you or anyone else has had strange deja vus, please share them with me at Stay tuned next week when I tell you about the possible demon/ghost experience I had with two other people in an underground parking garage!

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Sydney Silver LA Xpress Weird Deja Vus part 2